Listen up gamers: your PC could save lives

Listen up gamers: your PC could save lives


So, you don’t believe in blockchain, you’re tired of the word “crypto-currency”, and you think that e-sport isn’t really a sport?

If so, you might want to turn the page and browse another article here or there.

If not, and you’re seeing these movements from the perspective of a father/sister/friend/lover and philanthropist, this new campaign will fulfill you.

Gamechaingers is the story of the first free and "painless" fundraiser. We say “painless” because when times are tough, humanitarian associations face declining cash donations, and traditional donors retract to go cope with the irregularities of their own lives. But finances aside, donations or in-kind contributions provide much needed help to thousands who need it, all thanks to the hard work of many volunteers on ground.

But there it is - what happens when “local” is hundreds of miles away, literally in ruins (or under bombs), and there’s no more energy available for vulnerable populations like ... children in Syria? In cases like this, there exist few alternatives to relying on outside help and financial donations.

Fortunately, since 1998, a new form of money is born, backed by the technology of storing and transmitting information (called blockchain): crypto-currencies. There’s 2 ways to get it: buy it with real money (at a fluctuating rate) or mine it, meaning use a little computing power from your computer’s graphic cards to authenticate the different transactions carried out over the blockchain, for a small compensation in your desired cryptocurrency.

That’s the idea behind the campaign – to save the day with a new kind of donation: that of computing power. The only catch is that it requires a lot of computing capability, large graphics cards that allow you to mine without damaging your machine. The good news is that there’s a huge community of people who have the right machines, in addition to being young, activist, and ultra-united: the GAMERS!

And the results say it all: there were more than 980 responses to UNICEF's announcement on  Meaning, 980 gamers ready to lend their computing power ... between 2 rounds of course.

Thanks e-athletes!

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