When your logo becomes a hero

When your logo becomes a hero


You definitely don’t know them, you’ve never come across them in a documentary, have never drawn them in your holiday books, did not even know they exist, and probably find their names kind of funny. As reasonable as all of that is, what’s not is that they may soon cease to exist.

In fact, we’re talking about 1775 cumulative species:

30 marsoins from the Gulf of California

40 Buramese Roofed Turtles

50 Northern Sportive Lemurs

67 Javan Rhinos

157 Kakapos

150 Cao-vit Gibbons

231 California Condors

250 Saolas

350 Sumatran Tigers

450 Anegada Ground Iguanas

... and that's all that’s left!


So, are people more taken by brands than actual animal species? In absolute, no.  In reality, undoubtedly so - we are considerably more exposed to brands than to wild animals that exist around the planet.  And now that you think of it, it’s been much easier to come across a Lacoste crocodile than an Anegada Ground Iguana!


And there lies the strength of this campaign: replacing, for the first time in 85 years, one of the most famous logos in the world to the benefit of the endangered animals that we never see.


So, the next time someone goes missing, and the world feels empty, think 1775…

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