The Greater Paris Guide 2021-2023

The Greater Paris Guide 2021-2023

Magasins généraux & Enlarge Your Paris spearhead a new vision of the French capital with The Greater Paris Guide

The Greater Paris Guide 2021-2023:

- A one-of-a-kind guidebook, in both English and French.

- Published by Magasins généraux and written by Enlarge Your Paris, the number one online media platform about Greater Paris.

- Placing the Greater Paris movement at the top of the international cultural agenda.

Magasins généraux and Enlarge Your Paris team up for a second time to bring you The Greater Paris Guide – a 208-page publication which celebrates Paris inside and outside the city centre. The guide, available in both English and French, can be preordered now and hits bookshelves and online retailers on 6 May 2021. The Greater Paris Guide demonstrates its creators' conviction that Greater Paris is the Paris of tomorrow: more innovative, creative, welcoming, responsible and sustainable. A new playground and workplace for the French capital’s 12 million inhabitants, and countless admirers who post over 100 million photos with the #paris hashtag on Instagram.


With 1200 cultural venues, 300 concert halls, 200 festivals, and 300 museums and art centres, Greater Paris already exists, albeit somewhat unknown to larger international audiences. With this new edition of The Greater Paris Guide, Enlarge Your Paris and Magasins généraux speak up about the Greater Paris movement internationally for the first time.

Truly a cultural object, The Greater Paris Guide features bold graphic design and captivating photography by ©Vincent Migrenne. The exhibition, ‘Vu Dans le Grand Paris’ (‘Spotted in Greater Paris’), takes place in May 2021 at Magasins généraux’s hybrid exhibition space in Pantin, coinciding with the guide’s launch.


(left hand photo) "Joe Le Taxi" - Guide des Grands Parisiens 2021-2023, Auteurs : Enlarge Your Paris, Éditeur : Magasins généraux – Photo © Vincent Migrenne

(right hand photo) "Blade Runner" - Guide des Grands Parisiens 2021-2023, Auteurs : Enlarge Your Paris, Éditeur : Magasins généraux – Photo © Vincent Migrenne


A new cultural map of Greater Paris

At a time when the function of cities faces a major rethink, The Greater Paris Guide asserts a fresh perspective on the French capital by introducing a brand-new map of the city, redefining the traditional Parisian quartiers and cultural scene.

The map consists of ten neighbourhoods (adding leafy Pontoise and Fontainebleau to the roster since the 2018 French edition) that are a combination of traditional Paris and its lesser-known suburbs. This redefinition tells its own story with Paris now comparable size-wise with Los Angeles, Shanghai and other world metropolises.

Each one of The Greater Paris Guide’s ten chapters is dedicated to a specific area – the Green Ocean, the Hyper-Museum, the Factory, the Little Riviera, the Street Gallery, the Delta, the Rooftop, the XXL Park, the Fields and the Enchanted Forest – with more than 300 insider tips on culture, lifestyle, the outdoors, family activities, food and rest.


Why now’s the time for a refreshed guide to Greater Paris

Enlarge Your Paris was conceived and launched in 2013 as a means of championing the opening of Paris’ traditional borders. The ‘Greater Paris movement’ has also been a passion project for Magasins généraux since it was founded by BETC in Pantin in 2016. Their partnership, therefore, was destined from the start and cemented by the runaway success of  the first edition of Guide des Grands Parisiens in February 2018 (in French – sold out). The book, praised by officials at Paris city hall and the presidential Elysée Palace, led to a further collaboration in 2019 and 2020 with the first two iterations of Signalétique, Greater Paris’ first ever signpost system. Deemed a thundering success, a third version of Signalétique is currently under discussion.

With a consistent program of exhibitions, events and roll out of unique creative content, Magasins généraux is now an indisputable cultural player in Greater Paris. BETC’s founder, Rémi Babinet, further champions this belief through his work as President for the Grand Paris Express corporate endowment fund, for the cultural aspect of the metro system’s stations.

Rémi Babinet, BETC Founder states: “Greater Paris was invisible in 2016 when we moved to Magasins généraux in Pantin. Today, it is a movement at the core of conversations about urbanism. It’s time to start a dialogue with inhabitants and key players from other cities around the world with the first international edition of The Greater Paris Guide.”

Eugenie Lefebvre, director of Magasins généraux and Pantin resident since 2012, adds: We strive to connect local stakeholders, establishments, media and brands who share our belief that the boundaries between art, society and the economy are much more permeable than people think. We’d like to thank our partners in helping us bring an alternative vision of Paris to the general public and businesses alike.”

Renaud Charles and Vianney Delourme, co-Founders of Enlarge Your Paris, conclude: “This is the time for local tourism, when we are being encouraged to discover the multitude of riches that surround us. The Greater Paris Guide changes the way we look at and think of the Paris Region, offering new ideas for exploring the beautiful area we all think we know.” 

The Greater Paris Guide is available to preorder now and hits bookshelves and online retailers on 6 May 2021.


The Greater Paris Guide was made possible thanks to the support of Great Partners committed to furthering the Greater Paris cause. Whether players in energy, logistics or mobility, public or private, they all participate in growing the influence and importance of this metropolis under construction.


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