Paris 2024, a team dream

Paris 2024, a team dream

Paris 2024

Agencies Havas Sport & Entertainment, BETC and FullSIX are joining forces for an epic adventure: the Paris candidacy for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Like everyone else, you can remember the superhuman effort you poured into trying to cross the line first. Or scoring that decisive basket goal at the very last second of the game. Like us all, you remember the clamour of the crowd - and your mum's shouts of joy from the stands. The weight of the medal around your neck and your tears when the anthems were played. And then, just like we all do, you wake up. But no matter: in sport every victory, even the greatest, starts with a dream.

That's the story told by the film-manifesto "The Power of a Dream". Viewable as of now at, the film kicks off a major motivational campaign dedicated to the goal of winning the 2024 Olympics. Thought up by Havas Sports & Entertainment, BETC and FullSIX, united under the banner Havas 2024, the campaign will evolve over the months and years to help mobilise a majority of French people towards achieving this beautiful goal. And this great dream.

Mercedes Erra, BETC president and Havas director-general: "We thought the idea of dreams was unifying: at some point, everyone has had a dream. This will be joined to the values of the Olympics themselves: optimism, the belief that anything is possible. French people have a need to renew their positivity and hope; it's a vital national concern in every area of life, including economic. What better project than the Olympic and Paralympic Games to create the momentum to carry us all into a great adventure where the youth - all the youths - will have their part to play (today's 10 year olds will be 18 in 2024). Before making it happen, you must dare to dream. Athletes know this: those who have accomplished great things first had to dream them. When you want something enough, it becomes possible. And Paris wants this a lot."

Gilles Portelle, managing director Havas Sports & Entertainment: "We are proud to have assembled around our own best talents, those of BETC and FullSIX with the aim of adding innovation and efficiency to the candidacy teams in this essential challenge of mobilising the people of France."

Jean-Michel Neyret, Fullsix managing director: "Helping to support this important candidacy is a source of great pride for the teams at FullSIX. We are convinced that Digital will foster the ownership, adhesion and commitment of the French people. The website was conceived for that purpose, offering information and emotion, while promoting interaction with the candidacy bid."

Paris 2024
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