Back to... the present.

Back to... the present.

New ad campaign for the French High Council for Equality

In January 2023, the French High Council for Equality published a damning report about sexism in the country.

The report showed how young generations have gone backwards in terms of gender equality. Sexist clichés are still everywhere, verbal violence has become ordinary, and it brings us to a situation where "Sexism: we don't necessarily know where it starts, but we know how it ends."

Today, in France, a woman dies from femicide every 2.5 days.

One of the causes of this rampant sexism, that includes young people particularly, lies on social networks that act as a hotbed for degrading content towards women. Nowadays, on social networks, it is not hard to stumble upon hyper masculinity and misogynistic rhetoric that is boosted by algorithms and lead users to manosphere rabbit holes.

Incidentally, we are moving backwards on gender equality.

That's why, BETC Paris created an ad campaign for the French High Council for Equality that pulls the curtain on a frightening reality and aims to fight the growth of sexist content online.

Mercedes Erra, Founder of BETC Paris, comments: "The worst thing is that - instead of getting reduced - the amount of sexism among young people is growing and we are witnessing violences that was previously unseen in our era. We were shocked by the report from the French High Council for Equality. I believe that we need to be radical and not let anything slide."

The creative idea of the film lies on a comparison between comments made during the 70s with what can be found today online. The campaign is a return to the present: between old videos from the 70s and those that still exist on social channels, it is the same or even worse. The cultural shock allows anyone to see for themselves how damaging sexism content is becoming online.

Let's make sexism a part of history

Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, President of French High Council for Equality, adds: "9 out of 10 women say that they've faced some sexism. It is an important issue that needs to be tackled right away because sexism leads to horrible violences. We hope that these shocking lines and images will help people understand that we need to act quickly. Thank you to BETC Paris for their creativity and the commitment of Mercedes Erra for this excellent PSA. 

The campaign will be broadcasted on TV and online starting January 22nd along with a radio spot.


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