A mosquito’s worst nightmare is not what you think

A mosquito’s worst nightmare is not what you think

Habitat for Humanity

From the outside, it looks like a banal poster.  But inside, it’s hiding the worst enemy of your worst enemy (mosquitoes).

A small insect constituting the family Culicidae, the mosquito is characterized by scaly wings, females possessing tube-like mouthparts (the rigid biting/sucking type), an unbearable noise (especially at night), and an insatiable thirst for blood.

And if that weren’t enough, apart from being a notorious parasite (though seemingly harmless), the mosquito has also taken on the bad habit of harboring and spreading the worst epidemics that the modern world has known: Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya! Especially in the humid and tropical areas of the southern hemisphere, where mosquitoes swarm in stagnant waters.

What if we used all this water to fight mosquitoes? This is just the idea that BETC Sao Paulo had for Habitat: to produce posters soaked in anti-mosquito solution, that dissolve when coming in contact with rainwater. Simple, effective.  And on the posters: educational and preventive messages for locals, designed by local artists.

Put away your swatters & take out your posters.

Habitat for Humanity
Client since 2017


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