Futures of Love

Futures of Love

What is love? So many have tried to define it, yet it’s impossible to agree on a single definition. Love is everywhere and takes on many forms, through culture and through the ages. But what about the futures of love? The Magasins généraux are asking themselves the same question through their new cultural season, "Futures of Love".

A cultural center founded by BETC, the Magasins Généraux kick off their new cultural season by mixing exhibition and festival on June 21st.  Anchored in the near-future, Futures of Love contemplates what’s to come in love and sex amidst new technologies, scientific advances, and changes in practices, customs, and ideas.


from June 21 to October 20

If it’s complicated to find a universal definition, one thing is certain: love has always been a source of inspiration and a central subject in the arts. In cinema, music, painting, literature, theater, photography, love is as much passion as it is compassion, as much a source of sorrow as one of pleasure. So, love makes us talk. Here, the exhibition examines a prospective vision of love and sexuality through the work of around forty international artists, both well-established and emerging.

Imagined as a sensory journey, it consists of 8 themes that explore the possible futures of love. Starting with the algorithmic meeting, the exhibition addresses subjects from dematerialization, commodification, the robotization and the fluidity of love and carnal relations, to the synthesizing of affection through science and the new modes of procreation.


The 8 chapters of the exhibition:

💞 Computed Love: love predicted by algorithms.

💗 Virtual Love: the dematerialization of romantic and carnal relationships

🧡 Self-Obsessed Love: the quest for love and the selfie culture

🖤 Robotic Love: artificial beings, lust, and romantic feelings

💜 Chemical Love: love and procreation, governed by science

💛 Fluid Love: towards the liberation of relationships and practices

💚 Hypernatural Love: thinking of love in the prism of nature.

💘 Infinite Love: love, universal energy, and metaphysics.

A labyrinthic journey plunged in darkness questions the relations and practices of a new era, giving way to a redefinition of the very nature of love, desire and enjoyment in the years to come.



from June 21 to July 7

Love exhibits and celebrates itself. Thus, in addition to the exhibition, the Magasins généraux will hold an open-air outdoor festival for 3 weeks. Located at the foot of the building at Place de la Pointe, the festival will be produced in collaboration with Dock B, Le Barboteur and the City of Pantin, offering a festive musical program. From Wednesday to Sunday, 5 days a week, you can live the love to the rhythm of the music by attending DJ sets, concerts, and showcases around the theme of "Love". Between disco, techno, and house, the programmed artists and collectives defend the notion of the free and inclusive party.

And because the program at the Magasins généraux is so complete, you can also attend various educational workshops and conferences with a diversity of stakeholders - from researchers to entrepreneurs to futurists - around topics that evoke the different chapters from the exhibition.

Love 2.0 is this summer and it’s happening the Magasins généraux.

Luv ya <3

Get all of the information on the Magasins généraux website or on  the Facebook event.  


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