Fighting together for each one

Fighting together for each one

Reckitt pledges to support women suffering from endometriosis. New campaign by BETC illustrates the condition and the brand's commitment.

The new campaign by Intima (Reckitt), maker of feminine hygiene products, highlights the brand's commitment in its fights against endometriosis and its involvement with the newly-launched Endometriosis Research Foundation created by charity Endomind.

According to recent studies, one in ten women suffers from endometriosis, a condition that causes women severe pain and can lead to infertility. Furthermore, symptoms of endometriosis are not well known and many affected women go undiagnosed through most of their lives thus suffering alone in silence with the condition. To this day, there is no known cure for endometriosis

That's the reason why Intima (Reckitt), helped by its ad agency BETC, is committed to supporting women in every aspect of their intimate lives. Intima is partnering with Endomind and their Endometriosis Research Foundation with the dual goal of increasing the research around the condition to diagnose the condition early within affected women, and ultimately finding a cure to help women around the world live pain-free.

The campaign illustrates the path that women go through with the condition, the psychological and physical pain, and includes the moral and collective support that the brand is offering.

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