Come as you are, all the way to the stadium.

Come as you are, all the way to the stadium.

McDonald's France

Partner and official restaurant of the UEFA Euro 2016 ™, McDonald’s France is set to air a very special campaign during the competition. With love.

Does supporting France against Italy mean you can't daydream about the canals of Venice? Does cheering on the Blues against Spain somehow invalidate your Andalusian beach fantasy? Of course not.

It was to celebrate this idea of sport without frontiers that McDonald's and BETC wrote their new campaign. On each new visual - photographed by Kim Reenberg - a supporter brandishes a hybrid scarf emblazoned with the names and colours of two different countries.

And so are born some surprising nations, such as Iregium (Ireland/Belgium), Polmany (Poland/Germany) and Swetaly (you get the idea). Suddenly the Euro is as unifying and as universal as - for instance - a love of hamburgers.

Displayed in stations and fan zones, these billboards will closely track the competition itself. Each stadium and each fixture will have its own visual and starting with the quarter-finals, a photograph, adapted to the countries playing each match. By which time, let's hope this new fraternal spirit will be firmly established…

McDonald\'s France
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