4th Term

4th Term

Let's talk about postpartum with Laboratoire Gallia.

What if the most beautiful moment of one's life was also the most difficult one ? 79% of mothers claim being emotionally exhausted during the first months of the life of their new baby. The underlying reasons are as diverse as there are mothers: hormones, the backup role that they have to play to their child after being at the center of the attention during pregnancy, the lack of me time, the lack of sleep ... Furthermore, the myth of the perfect parents keeps over present, especially on social media. Postpartum is still a taboo topic.

Gallia, expert of infant milk and category leader, has decided to tackle this cause with the help of French ad agency BETC Paris. Fighting this issue lies directly into the values of the brand, that brings its storied expertise to parents and always strives to communicate with empathy. The brand wants to help parents by breaking old taboos about postpartum and by bringing them some support services.

Gallia and BETC worked together to develop a broadcast, print and digital campaign called "The 4th Term" that encourages to flip the traditional question that visitors asked when coming to see the newborn from "How is baby doing ?" to "How are you doing ?". As parents often fail to express their frustrations or ask for help, the campaign is relying on friends and family members to force the couple to question themselves and act: whether it is by asking for logistical help or just by getting them to find a listening ear.

The film shows an emotional exchange between a new mother and her friend that is worried about her mental health. We see the friend dare to break the taboo and ask the mother a simple question "How are you ?" A small sentence, so simple, that creates a real impact and an awakening. The campaign also included a film made for new fathers as the brand recognizes that all members of a couple can face challenges after the birth of a child.

The campaign is also supported in print advertising with a series of portraits that expands on the message of the films and feature mothers, a father and a midwife. You would have noticed that no babies are present on any of the print ads as the focus of the campaign is put on new parents and their well-being.

The film was directed by Matthieu Tribes, who brings his distinctive sense of capturing realistic moments full of raw emotion on camera. The visuals were shot by photographer Jair Lanes.

The campaign started airing online and on TV on March 6th in France. The print ads roll since March 8th.


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