Try On My Kids’ Clothes Life

Try On My Kids’ Clothes Life

Petit Bateau

Hi, my name’s Marina and I’m a kids’ sweatshirt from Petit Bateau. As you might expect, I spend most of my time hanging out with all the little tots in their daily whirl, packed with adventures of every description. 


Do I like it? Sure! It must be said that I get to see just about everything so I can’t complain about ever getting bored. Routine? For me, there’s no such thing. Every day is full of surprises and I admit that even I couldn’t have come up with some of the (mis)use they put me through. Not that I’m complaining - it’s even quite refreshing…


Does being a sweat-shirt bother me? I look at it philosophically. I could have been a teeshirt, jeans or a pair of shorts - but whatever I was, my wearer would always find a way to put me to an unintended use (and I’d still manage to pull it off).

Am I up to the task? Yes! I’m well built,  made in France - in Troyes - by men and women trained in the traditional skills of their craft. On top of that, I hardly ever get ruffled or bent out of shape and my stamina is off the charts.


I won’t deny that some days are a bit of a trial, but if you want my opinion, it’s worth it. You know better than I that there’s nothing quite like the look on your kids’ faces when they’re having fun.

It’s what I’m here for.

Petit Bateau
Client since 1996


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