To try is to grow (even for grown-ups)

To try is to grow (even for grown-ups)


In their new campaign, Blédina reminds us that it's better to leave our babies room to manoeuvre.

To know that's it's actually impossible to eat a whole compote using only one's fingers, or that you can't catch the water in you hands, you have to try it at least once…

Persuaded that trying things out for yourself is the best way to learn, baby food brand Blédina is taking advantage of the revamp of its small pot range to launch a campaign centered around the trials and errors of infants.

"By reflex or protective instinct, some parents prevent their babies from experimenting, exploring, testing objects and putting things in their mouth," says Muriel Fagnoni, Executive VP of BETC. "However, that's exactly how infants go about exploring their surroundings. We need to let them get on with it - so long, of course, as their environment is clean and safe. They are like explorers; little scientists who are constantly experimenting. Beyond its nutritional role, food plays a part in this wonderful playground of experience."

With film, outdoor, a new website and the event "Extraordinary Experiences", this campaign covers all the bases. Launching in November.

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