To find his love, he\'ll go to the ends of the Earth.

To find his love, he'll go to the ends of the Earth.

Le Slip Français

BETC and Le Slip Français are teaming up to get people in the US talking about the young underwear brand. How? With love, of course.

Léo is a model for Le Slip Français. He meets Sherry during Fashion Week. It's love at first sight. But Sherry has gone home to sunny California and Léo has only one thought on his mind: open an underwear shop in Los Angeles so he can be by her side. The only problem: he needs €30,000 to do it - so he tries his luck with Kickstarter. Why is Léo's story worth telling? Why is his project worth funding? Because he is made entirely out of plastic, just like his friend Sherry.

Thought up by BETC to accompany the French brand's US launch, this road movie where Toy Story meets Love Story has quickly become a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The Kickstarter project reached its goal, offering a limited collection to investors. The Le Slip Français pop-up store opened in LA and - of course - Léo found Sherry. He might be a plastic dummy, but he's also a French lover.

Le Slip Français
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