The revolution is not all about the food

The revolution is not all about the food

Magasins généraux

Generally, when we hear the words “corporate canteen”, we can’t help but experience a strong urge to run away.

Whether it's the atmosphere of trays, cutlery bins, slippery rails or the actual meal in question, one thing is certain: the childish enthusiasm of having lunch at the canteen has not survived the adult world.

So, how do we recreate the magic, the enthusiasm, and the conviviality around one of the most capital of moments in the day? As usual, with a motley assortment of all the right things: a digital tip here, a hint of design there, a good central idea – “family style” - and a lot of know-how, openness, and exchange.


The experience begins as follows:

1.  You arrive with your group and indicate the number of guests in your party to Jean Pierre Bourhis (former head chef at the Lido, having worked with celebrity chefs Marc Veyrat and David Toutin) and his brigade, before they seat you at a table somewhere amidst the 800m2 of available space.

2. You sit down and scan the menu in your app (we’ve talked about this before – BETC developed an app to make life easier in the Magasins Generaux, and this app serves as a central connecting element within the Canteen).

3. It’s time to choose your starters + plates + desserts from the 3 menus available every day (1 menu concocted by a guest chef, and 2 menus from our resident chef). Then, enter your table number…

4. Pay in app and VOILA: just a few more minutes before happiness is slow-cooked and simmered for you in the kitchen. And don’t worry about the tab – they’ll email it to you. 

5. Follow that up with a small coffee at the Counter to finish up that conversation, or catch up on news and other related treasures available at LaDoc, our library.

And for all which concerns the food: the "chef’s special" menu immerses you in the kitchens of some of the most celebrated young chefs in France (Fred Ka, Chloé Charles Jean Imbert, Yann Couvreur, Yoni Saada, Lucien Charrier, Luis Machado, Eddy Kaddoura etc ...), along with 2 menus designed by Delphine Suarez and her teams (including a 100% vegetarian option). Those who are short on time can go up to the Kartz (in the 5th West Wing) where a diverse offer of hot dishes, salads, sandwiches awaits you.

Officially labeled an eco-friendly restaurant, our Cantine favors all that is organic and local (the bread is notably baked at Thierry Meunier, celebrated as the best artisan in France… and within the 150-meter from Les Magasins généraux), and is gradually becoming the true heart of the agency. A place for liveliness, work, and leisure, this canteen represents a haven of peace in the turbulence of everyday life.

What better to satiate the day’s desires?

Magasins généraux


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