The house that set sail

The house that set sail

The famous French songwriter Renaud said “A man doesn’t go to sea, the sea goes to the man.” So Leroy Merlin asks the question: where will your house take you?

We all have plans in life:  little plans or big plans. And your house is probably the project you’ll spend most time on. Just like a relationship, it needs to be built, improved and maintained. So what better metaphor for the adventure of home ownership than a sea voyage, with all its lulls and storms.

BETC Shopper chose the idea as a tribute to the doers and the makers, to celebrate the courage, energy and know-how of those who do, those who have done, and those who stand by their side.

Driven by the same energy as their customers, the staff at Leroy Merlin live up to the promise of their new slogan by "taking projects further". 

The campaign is directed by Reynald Gresset (La PAC) with photography by Mathias Boucard and music in the shape of a new cover of Rod Steward's classic hit "Sailing".


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