France is in the air

France is in the air

Air France

Air France changes its signature to imagine a sky that's blue, white and red.

From now on at Air France, “France is in the air”. Fifteen years after having made the sky “the best place on earth”, the airline is now showcasing all the jewels in France’s crown: its art de vivre, daring attitude, gastronomy. The idea? Giving all its passengers the pleasure of a journey with a foretaste of France.

Its new film, created by BETC and made by the French duo We Are From LA, gets its message over in the subtlest of manners. With its celestial light, aerial choreography and joyful sophistication, it revisits a certain notion of travelling French-style: graceful, benevolent, enhanced by the sun’s rays.

Alongside it, discover a series of visuals that complement one another created by the Argentine photographers Sofia & Mauro, that highlight the services offered by the airline - the comfort of the A380, new First Class, new Business Class, gourmet meals – and showcase its iconic destinations, such as Paris, New York, Brazil, China and Japan. All of this comes with glimpses of Le Moulin Rouge, café terraces, la haute-couture, or the capital’s large gardens and parks, the campaign also plays the “French chic” card.

Because with Air France, one thing’s certain – France will be with you wherever you go.

Air France
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