Tell your neighbours: noise is a city\'s audio DNA

Tell your neighbours: noise is a city's audio DNA


With Thalys's operation "Sounds of the City", the towns of Europe are making their voices heard.

Shut your eyes. What's left of your last trip? Images, of course. The spire of a church, a sunset over the Tiber or the fluorescent straw in a Berlin cocktail. But what else? Sounds. Sensual, surprising, funny. And concrete. A girl's voice, tramway bells, music spilling out of a restaurant…

So as to avoid reducing the cities you visit to a collection of postcards, Thalys and Rosapark dreamed up the operation Sounds of the City. The idea? Plug your earphones into dozens of audio samples on an interactive map. Then listen, and rediscover the cities through sounds: to the cries of Parisian market traders, of water lapping in the canals of Amsterdam or to the sounds of Brussels by night, amongts many. In a world of your own, reconnecting with the world outside.

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