Longboard: the beauty that dares not speak its name

Longboard: the beauty that dares not speak its name


In the world of board sports, thrill seekers have always worshipped at two churches: skate and surf.

With its origins as a Californian surfers’ plan “B” for days when the ocean was calm, the long board is the instrument of surf aesthetes; of those who reject the artificial/natural dividing line and preach a fusion of styles.

Which is all very well, except that every church has its surf, and every surf has its style. While skaters are all about mastering the structural constraints of the streets by integrating collisions, risks and rule-bending into their style, surfers work with nature, respecting its whims and rules.

Caught in the middle, the longboard has always sought legitimacy either in extreme styles like downhill or in the more laid-back ones like cruising and carving. Then the internet made a discovery: the Korean long boarder Hyojoo Ko…

A genuine phenomenon, Hyojoo Ko’s hypnotic dance quickly caught the eye of brands and media, including Vogue Japan. Directed by Lacy and produced by the agency’s integrated production unit, RITA FILMS, this video brings a touch of colour, glamour and architectural surrealism to the rider’s own natural grace.

An offering in homage to the genre’s newest style: the dream aesthetic.



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