Skin issues are deeper than you think, says La Roche-Posay in their first ever brand campaign. But a better life for all skin is possible.

La Roche-Posay is on a mission to improve the quality of life for people facing skin issues every day. In this new campaign, the brand places real people center stage, highlighting the overlooked personal effects skin problems can have on individuals and the importance of life-changing dermatological solutions to properly treat skin’s health for an overall positive impact on people’s lives.



Nearly 2 billion people around the world are currently fighting skin conditions which dramatically alter the quality of their daily lives. From lack of sleep, low self-esteem, anxiety, social pressure, to missing school and work… these issues have a deeper impact on our lives than we think and represent today a true matter of public health.

Last year, La Roche-Posay conducted an exclusive scientific review of all the existing studies related to the impact of skin issues such as eczema, acne, skin side effects of cancer treatments, on quality of life:

•       46% of acne patients are more likely to develop major depression than those without

•       50% of acne patients self-isolate 

•       79% of eczema patients report missing work due to their condition

•       47% to 60% of eczema patients report disturbed sleep

•       350,000 days of work or school are missed every year in France due to acne. 

•       80% of patients suffer from skin side effects during cancer treatments

Compounded with the societal image of ‘perfect skin,’ people are often at a loss, feeling alone in fighting an issue that a large portion of the global population are also facing. Compassionate towards these issues, La Roche Posay believes that people shouldn’t be defined by their allergies, acne, eczema or scarring, and above all, they should never feel abandoned in their fight for health.

“Whether big or small, skin issues are a matter of public health today,” says Laetitia Toupet, La Roche-Posay Global President. “We tend to underestimate the impact they can have on people’s lives and well-being. That’s why at La Roche-Posay, we’ve always partnered with dermatologists and made science move forward to develop the best dermatological skincare solutions to change people’s lives“.


To show the 2 billion people worldwide suffering from skin issues they are not alone, La-Roche Posay, in partnership with BETC, unveils their first brand campaign dedicated to fighting this stigma to show skin is more than skin. With the belief that dermatology has the power to change lives, the campaign aims to raise awareness and drive social change.

 “It was essential to us that we championed real people with real skin problems and told their stories in a way that could empower others to do the same.” says Antoinette Beatson, BETC Executive Creative Director, “What we are hoping to achieve is a chain reaction, where people share their own stories and little by little we remove the stigma associated with skin conditions.”

From an emotive film, directed by Lucy Liscombe that shines a light on what unretouched, raw skin not only looks like, but feels like, to content series that dive into the stories of our real life protagonists and beauty portrait shot by Jef Boes, the brand creates an ecosystem that shows the impact of skin problems on quality of life and the power of life-changing dermatology.

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