Believe In Your Wish

Believe In Your Wish

For the holidays, Sephora unveils an emotional film full of hope, love and joy to celebrate the infinite power of wishes

Promises of a better future, of exploring new horizons, of living big adventures or even of being more daring, a wish is something precious and unique to each other.

During this holiday season, season of hope and renewal, Sephora is back on the air to reinforce its position of leader in universal beauty by revealing the strength and power of wishes.

The brand releases a new brand campaign meant to shine a light on the power of beauty. A powerful campaign created by BETC ETOILE ROUGE here to remind us that the best gifts come from the heart.

"Believe In Your Wish" directed by Duncan Winecoff is a film that is both intimate (through the delicate moments shared and the personal wishes made by the different characters) and universal (because each one of us can identify itself through the wishes).

The film surfaces the high ambition of people courageous enough to tell their wish aloud and bring a joyful sensitivity and energy. The song "I'm Not In Love" by Kesey Lu brings home the message of hope and courage.

In addition to this TV ad, Sephora will release another holiday film that will focus on iconic beauty products of the brands displayed in a wishing tree. 

The global campaign will start airing on November 7th and will be broadcast on TV, digital, social media, and outdoor in Europe and in the Middle East.


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