100 years, and not one wrinkle.

100 years, and not one wrinkle.


Not one wrinkle after 100 years of existence – possible?

Nope.  Here we won’t be talking about a miracle product, or a genius invention that could slow down the natural aging process of your skin and rejuvenate the inner Benjamin Button.

Here, it’s about the famed Danone yogurt. An everyday product that has retained the same characteristics since its creation: simple, local, natural. That’s Danone, 1919 edition.


And what does that mean for creation? A trip back in time. After consulting the archives, what could be better than repeating the historic campaigns from the brand, all which are still just as relevant? Well, with one exception: seriously, who still calls it a “yoghourt”? It’s true that bragging about not having evolved in the last century is not common, and not necessarily flattering in the era of "everything can be faster". But here, an unaltered product becomes a strength and a guarantee of quality.

So 100 years... that’s great.  But what happens next?

The idea isn’t to have a dialogue that’s stuck in the past either. So, Danone is also committed to the next 100 years, by giving a voice to the current generation. Let’s take a look?

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