Bouygues Telecom investigates crime scenes CSI-style

Digital is now a crucial part of our lives. To maintain our relationships with our closed ones, share memories, enjoy some entertainment with the family, get lost in a knowledge rabbithole, doom scroll for hours, study, work remotely, digital is taking an increasingly large part of our lives, at home and everywhere else. 

To the point where it becomes almost impossible to live without it and where each single connectivity issue turns into a huge drama. Network failure, a laggy WiFi, a broken smartphone, a pirated laptop, are examples of events that could leave users feeling devastated. Each digital problem is now seen as a disaster.

This is the starting point that French telco company Bouygues Telecom, and its ad agency BETC Paris, used to launch its new advertising platform that fits into the overall "We are made to be together" brand platform.

By showing how digital solutions powered by Bouygues Telecom are efficient answers to the needs of its customers.

By bringing levity to people's issues by relying on the popular TV  genre: the crime show. Bouygues Telecom and BETC have created a dedicated task force, made of three experts that will deal with all kinds of digital issues.

This advertising platform will support all Bouygues Telecom efforts all year round and will allow the brand to showcase its expertise, the quality of its 4G/5G networks and all of the different solutions it brings to French users in their digital lives.

The campaign is launched with two films: one highlighting the WiFi boxset and the other one highlighting the smartphone security solutions. The films were directed by Vincent Lobelle and produced by Iconoclast.

The campaign was created in an eco-production approach. Several guidelines were implemented to limit the carbon footprint of the projects: 

- 100% made in France with all the crew traveling by train

- one single shoot for both films, the outdoor campaign and digital assets to centralize production

- partnership with "A Better Prod" consulting company that assists organizations in how to be more environmentally-conscious