What happens at Studio Venezia stays at Studio Venezia (or not)

What happens at Studio Venezia stays at Studio Venezia (or not)

Xavier Veilhan

Ever dreamed of being right there in the studio at the precise moment that an artist you love composes and records a new track?

Any music lover will say YES - and it just so happens that the Studio Venezia - created by the modern artist Xavier Veilhan - is offering that exact experience in the French Pavilion at the 57th International Arts Bienniale in Venice.

For six months, he’s inviting over 70 artists to come and record, in public, so everyone has a chance to witness and, in a way, to participate, in a musician’s creative process. And so you too can take part without hitting the streets of Venice, BETC, BETC Digital (art direction) and Deezer (co-producer) have created a digital experience so you can hear what’s happening in real time in the Pavilion. It’s called Echoes of the studio.

As big fans of the programme*, we would urge you to connect regularly. You never know, you might stumble on a Joakim drum take, a Sébastien Tellier keyboard riff or a few samples reworked by Christophe Chassol.

Earbuds ready, steady, listen!

* We are, after all, talking about Flavien Berger, Tommaso Cappellato, Jennifer Cardini, Christophe Chassol, Chloe, Rhodri Davies Solrey and Alexandre Desplat, Francesco Dillon, Farrah El Dibany and Federico Tibone, Electronic Girls, ensemBle baBEl (Antonio Albanese, Laurent Estoppey, Anne Gillot, Luc Müller, Noëlle Raymond) Jonathan Fitoussi, Alexander Hawkins, Maxime Le Guil, Antoni Marini, Mines (Yaël Barolsky, Ilan Volkov et Ram Gabay) Money Mark, My Cat is an Alien, Zeena Parkins, Alain Planès, QuinzeQuinze, Éliane Radigue, Sébastien Tellier, Ira Trevisan et Nicolas Godin, Dario Tronchin, Zombie Zombie... 

Xavier Veilhan


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