Tested: a car that predicts the future

Tested: a car that predicts the future


We’ve all heard the tech gurus telling the same story to anyone willing to listen: to see the future, look at technology.

This October, the car brand with the lion logo has a slightly different point of view: to see the future, just look at the steering wheel of a Peugeot.

Data, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence; the forces of innovation never tire of conjuring up a glittering future where mankind will enjoy infinite knowledge and unlimited mobility. There’s only one problem with such techno fantasies: once the buzz fades, we’re always left wondering if and when reality will catch up with the dream.

In their latest brand spot, Peugeot offers not just a concrete future but a true long term vision in the shape of a driver environment that’s unique in the world. Using the latest on-board technologies, the I-Cockpit enables any driver to predict the tiniest problem that might lie ahead - and so offers a true fusion of the driver and his environment.

The future is now.

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