On The Road

On The Road

Time to go on a road trip across the country

The number one wish this summer for French people is to travel more. And not on a deserted island but across the country. With 7 French cities among the top 10 dream places to visit in 2022, people are looking forward to rediscovering their country.

That's why Bouygues Telecom, along with longstanding ad agency BETC, is launching a new campaign highlighting the performance of its 4G and 5G networks. The quality of the cellular coverage is demonstrated through a road trip in which young people share precious moments with their grand-mother across the country.

From the Northern part of the country to the South, they share all the steps of their trip via FaceTime with their grand-mother, riding in her old RV, until reaching the climax of their journey: a virtual reunion between two former close friends.

Bouygues Telecom illustrates the power of its technology through a warm story that brings people closer and drives home the brand's communication platform.

The story is brought to life by the acute direction of Benito Montorio (Wanda) who manages to reveal the beautiful French landscapes throughout the spot.