Network? Nowhere... Internet? Anywhere!

Network? Nowhere... Internet? Anywhere!

Bouygues Telecom

So there it is: you have no internet, you're far away from the metropolis, without network, maybe your phone’s even glitching...

Whatever it is, you decide to enjoy the fresh air and the nature around you, maybe some small human interactions in picturesque environs, or silence, even calm… in short, you try existing without constant technological interruption. It starts with a few minutes, which soon turn into hours, then (in extreme cases) a few days go by and suddenly you feel the void...  It settles insidiously, as your brain craves the rushes of dopamine provided by the virtual, and your mind races with impatience.  

Too bad you can’t do anything about it because you DON’T have internet.  The network just isn’t reaching you anymore, the connections no longer being made! And it's not your fault eh, you couldn’t have anticipated that ... It always happens like that - unexpectedly, without any warning, when you least wanted, when you most needed it!

The Internet… a faucet of entertainment, a dose of cognitive stimulation during the most arduous of times, precisely created to confront the precarious moments of long waits, impatience, boredom ...


But right when you thought everything was screwed up, that it was only you vs. the infinite emptiness, Bouygues Telecom thought of everything and created a website that loads only when you’re NOT connected to the Internet. 

To ensure your own survival in the absence of data, click here while you're still connected to the World Wide Web. Once the page "loads", consider yourself safe (saved): you now now access it from all areas white, gray, black & disconnected from the world.

Scores of entertainment awaits you: a video game, your favorite series, your favorite songs, a friendly Instagram account and the latest news (as shown in the video right under). From here on out, thanks to, you will always have internet, even when you’re not connected.

Bouygues Telecom
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