The new Bouygues Telecom film by BETC

Would the one that has never dropped its smartphone raise its hand?

No one? Yes, that’s also what we thought. Whether it jumps out of our hands, escapes out of a pocket, or is a victim of a pet’s strike, a smartphone will lose its battle against gravity a huge number of times during its journey.

And often these drops are synonymous with breakage. It turns out that one out of three clumsy French people doesn’t necessarily think of bringing their smartphone to a repair shop when it’s damaged. That is an incredibly low number, especially when you know that extending the life of a smartphone by one single year reduces its carbon footprint by 30%.

That’s why Bouygues Telecom, the French telco, has created Sustainable Smartphone Solutions for its clients to extend the lives of their smartphones. It is a program built around four propositions: trade-in, recycling, refurbished smartphones, and repair. Any Bouygues Telecom subscriber will be able to repair its smartphone at a discount rate up to two times per year.

Getting mobile users to repair rather than to replace their devices is the behavior change that Bouygues Telecom wants to create with this ad created by its agency BETC.

In the commercial, a woman and a man meet for the first time while trying to catch a falling phone. It is love at first sight. Over the years, we get to follow their lives during small and bigger moments, always through the slow-mo point of view of the same smartphone that keeps falling. The insanely great “Fallin'” hit by Alicia Keys serves as the soundtrack and drives home the message of the spot.

Directed by Vellas and produced by Frenzy, the campaign started airing on September 17th on French TV.

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