Do the sales - in Snapchat

Do the sales - in Snapchat


The sales have their uses but let's be honest: they're unbearable. Luckily, the Brazilian brand Hering - along with Snapchat and BETC - are here to change all that.

In America, when Black Friday comes around, hordes of rabid bargain-hunters stampede into the shopping centres to risk their lives to snatch up a sweater at 30% off. In France, sale-happy brands post promo codes online that you have to painstakingly fill in at the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. In Brazil? Well, in Brazil they actually have fun.

Thought up by the Hering brand and BETC Sao Paolo, Snapchat Black Friday uses the famous photo app to turn the whole business into more of a game. Pictures of garments with different reductions are posted to the app. To get the discount, participants are asked to screen capture the offer at the exact moment it appears.

The idea, which follows a global trend of experimentation by fashion brands on social media, should be a hit with millenials. In fact, with anyone who'd rather use Snapchat to save money rather than to publicly humiliate themselves by posting cat-themed selfies.

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