As captains of… ooh! My last post just got a Like!

As captains of… ooh! My last post just got a Like!

Bouygues Telecom

In his latest column in Stratégies, BETC Paris Executive Creative Director and President, Stéphane Xiberras, singled out distraction as a blight of our times. And since every good ad starts with a good insight, Bouygues Télécom picked the latter for their latest film: The Pedalo.


It’s a perfect illustration of the distraction phenomenon: Pierre and Olivier wake up to discover that their pedalo has drifted out to sea. Their first reaction: call 999. So far, so good, except for the fact that, since they still have 4G, they are still getting notifications that…they just can’t ignore. First one, then another, and they’re off - speeding down the entertainment superhighway towards the luxuriant lands of the internet, sampling a tutorial here, a documentary there and every cunning little distraction designed to turn our fickle brains away from our initial objective.

To prove the point, there’s no need to take a nap on a pedalo: a cake in the oven will do the job, shopping to do when the supermarket closes in 20 minutes, a ten minute hair dyeing or simply emptying the washing machine before you go out for the day - so many windows of distraction created by the UX designers of all our adorable apps that we just can’t wait to open up and enjoy.

Such is life, so long as you’re covered by 4G, obviously. Which won’t be a problem for much longer, because Bouygues Télécom 4G will cover 99% of the network by 2018.

Bouygues Telecom
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