Would you tell if you won the lottery ?

Would you tell if you won the lottery ?

If you were to win the lottery, would you tell anyone ? No ? Not even your friends ? Or your family ?

New brand campaign by the French Lottery (Loto)

Everybody has wondered before how they would react if they were lucky enough to win the lottery. Maybe not change your whole lifestyle but just add some things here and there. Nothing major. But it turns out that it's in the small details that you might get caught.

This hard-to-keep secret is the plot of the new ad campaign for the French Lottery (Loto) by BETC Paris that features a normal family that faces something out of the ordinary.

After all these years, they are all used to Sunday dinners at Grandma's. Always the same thing. They are all happy to see each other and catch up on their week. Same old, same old.

Except this time when a meal quite exceptional is served. Sure, Grandma always tries to please the family but something seems different, doesn't it ? Hence the question that is asked and that everybody is wondering "Did you win the lottery ?"

In this new brand campaign by BETC Paris, the French Lottery (Loto) reminds us that winning the lottery does not only happen to others.

So what do you think ? Did Grandma win the lottery or not ?



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