Who has never dreamed of meeting his idol?

Who has never dreamed of meeting his idol?

Disneyland Paris

“Where magic gets real”. The new Disneyland Paris signature says it all: the theme park is where the dreams of young and old alike come true. But those of ducklings too…

If you’re less 90 years old you undoubtedly grew up with the iconic Disney characters: Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Ariel, Aladdin, Goofy, Aristocats, Peter Pan, to name but a few because the list is long since the creation of the famous anthropomorphic mouse Mickey Mouse in 1928.

They accompany us through our childhoods, help us develop our imaginations, reassure us when need it, impart (albeit inadvertently) moral values, even wisdom ... To such an extent that certain characters become idols that we grow to love & identify with: their wisdom, their love, their reason, their bravery, but also their humorous, even grumpy (or slightly cheeky) sides (parents, you know what we’re talking about)!


All of this is told through the story of this cute duckling. A wild duck who, after discovering a Disney magazine, develops a passion for Donald Duck. The days and the seasons go by, but his passion remains: he lives, breathes and sleeps Donald Duck. But now, winter is coming, forcing him to migrate with his family (yes, it's a real duck!), and leave behind the magazine which would be too heavy for the trip. We’re broken hearted by his plight, but the smiles soon return to our lips when the little duckling falls upon none other than his idol, in feather and bone, at the famous theme park.

The bridge between the imaginary and the real world – it’s at Disneyland Paris that it happens.

Disneyland Paris
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