What if you won the lottery every month?

What if you won the lottery every month?

BETC Paris Joins Forces with FDJ for the Historic Launch of Its New Game, Eurodreams.

FDJ is releasing a new lottery game, 20 years after the launch of Euromillions in 2004.

The latest addition to the illustrious FDJ portfolio is called Eurodreams and it will face the challenge of carving out its own face alongside firmly entrenched games and iconic brands like Loto. Following a call for proposals, FDJ has entrusted BETC Paris with the pivotal role of spearheading the launch and crafting an entirely new brand identity.

What sets this game apart? The recurrence of the winnings. Once you win, the prize keeps rolling in every month: a generous 20,000 euros per month for a span of 30 years. The sheer prospect of this has many of us dreaming with wide eyes.

FDJ and its creative agency are taking a slightly offbeat approach to convey what this windfall means in the daily lives of individuals. While we may not always welcome certain deductions, receiving this unexpected sum is always a delight, even if it happens at the most unexpected moments: whether it's on a bus ride, at the dentist's office, during a work meeting, or in the peaceful nursery of a just-put-to-sleep baby... These situations lead winners into amusing situations, where their joy must be tempered. However, one thing is for certain, that day will undoubtedly become the new favorite day for these lucky winners.

This launch campaign, characterized by its humor and surrealism, is set to kick off on October 29th on television, VOL with 30 and 15-second formats, and a comprehensive social media strategy will round out the ecosystem to herald the arrival of this exciting new game.


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