Postaal, first signature for POP Records

Postaal, first signature for POP Records


With the Anglo-French duo, BETC's brand new music label gets underway, taking the electro-pop route.

Every single one of their tracks is an edifice of murmurs and cries. Of cavernous beats and vast silences. Of English sampling and French couplets. It makes sense once you know that although Dennis and Hervé live in France, their music is put together somewhere between London and Paris, possibly under the Channel itself, to judge by the subaquatic ambiance of certain tracks…

As the debut signing of POP Records, licensed by Polydor, the Universal Music label, Postaal has already enjoyed acclaim from the leading names in the international music press (Noisey, Fader, Trax). Friends of The Shoes, a group they collaborated with on the track "Give it away", Postaal is part of the line-up for the Great Escape festival in May, after being spotted at Transmusicales in Rennes. They're also set to release an EP for the summer.

"I'm very happy that BETC's first record label POP RECORDS, has signed POSTAAL, with their style that is abrupt, bestial and lyrical all at the same time. It's the perfect chemistry for a debut signing." Rémi Babinet, Président, BETC

"Our teams at Universal Music France and at BETC have always worked together constructively and well. I'm happy to see that relationship take concrete shape today with POP RECORD's first signing in partnership with Polydor: Postaal, and launching this ambitious artistic project." Olivier Nusse, Président, Universal Music France


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