WIth CANAL+, no more disappointment with the endings of TV series.

In its latest brand campaign, pay TV CANAL+ decides to take on TV shows with disappointing endings. We all have a series that we loved with passion and that ended up poorly which left us with a disappointing taste thinking about all the years that we put into it.

The latest film by CANAL+ and its longtime ad agency BETC Paris expresses this particular feeling. You get to discover a young couple that becomes obsessed with the fantasy series THE SECRET OF WAKANY. Season after season, their passion for the show grows until it takes on their whole lives: spending nights watching episodes, turning their home into a museum, getting tattoos, learning the cryptic language. They speak Wakany and eat Wakany. We can consider them addicts.

Everything is fine until the day of the last episode of the last season. The whole world is ready to watch it together and finally discover the truth behind THE SECRET OF WAKANY. Needless to say, that is not what they were expecting. What a letdown. And CANAL+, creator of original programming, knows it and tells us that “It’s Never Just Entertainment.”

This campaign was directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (Partizan) and aired on TV, in movie theaters  and online.


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