The bear that said: \

The bear that said: "Why not me?"

Canal +

"The more you watch Canal+, the more you like cinema": a slogan that works for plantigrades too.

For most of his life, Paul Bearman was just a bearskin rug sprawled out in front of the telly. But not just watching any old channel. Sharing the Canal+ love of cinema, he gobbled up great films by the bucket load. Until one day he decided to try his hand on the other side of the camera. And became the hairiest, if not the most talented, film director of our time.

That's the story told in "The Bear". Directed by Matthjis Van Heijningen (the man behind "Cupboard": the highest award-winning commercial of 2010, according to the Gunn Report), the film underscores the deep attachment of Canal+ to the seventh art. To drive home the point, they dreamed up a digital experience to go with it. It puts you inside the skin of the great Bear himself as you take the reins of his film shoot!

Broadcasting blockbusters as well as art films, supporting shorts as well as feature-length productions, partnering with the greatest film festivals, Cannes and the César included: the scrambled channel has always been the preferred playmate of the movie theatre. And an inspiration for all its subscribers. No matter how hairy.

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