Surfing Baby Bay

Surfing Baby Bay


At Baby Bay, it's not not the size of the waves that's impressive; it's the size of the surfers.

Surfers are all young and cool, it's a well-known fact. And baby surfers even more so. Especially in James Rouse's film for Evian, featuring a man - think Gulliver meets Kelly Slater - who gets washed up on a beach populated exclusively by infants on surfboards.

On the air from April 20th to the sound of a cover of Kokomo by the Beach Boys (Lilly Wood and the Prick), Baby Bay demos the miraculous effects of Evian water; an elixir of youth that will take you straight back to toddlerhood with a single sip.

Hand in hand with the campaign, the brand's bottles will wear labels featuring the film's diminutive stars alongside their adult counterparts. A trick that It girl Gigi Hadid found irresistible (see more here)

And for those who simply can't wait for all that rejuvenation, make a date at Colette starting April 20th. They'll have baby surfer teeshirts and special flip-flops that make toddler-sized footprints in the sand.

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