Is a service-station the oasis of modern times?

Is a service-station the oasis of modern times?


With its "Space Travelers" campaign, Total takes you on a voyage to a galaxy far, far away and to a future that's just around the corner.

You've survived an an attack of giant scorpions on Alpha B35, navigated your way through a meteor storm, battled space rats back-to-back with a ten foot combat monkey, survived a crash in the rings of Saturn, but you are now about to be put out of action by something as dumb as running out of petrol. The good news? It's 3032, and there's now a Total service-station in most solar systems.

Well, it hasn't happen just yet, but Total did completely reinvent its stations ... and they're ready to welcome the long travelers, long ride mobility experts and the most demanding clients.

That's more or less the story told by BETC in their TV spot for the French company Total. With its half human, half alien crew, Space Travelers sums us Total's present and futur ambitions in a nugget of pop culture. Philippe Boisseau, Total executive board member and DG of Marketing & Services, puts it like this: "This campaign reflects the new face of our brand; our ability to innovate to better serve our customers, whether it's through the modernisation of our service-stations, the renewal of our products and services or the digitalisation of our infrastructure, for example contactless payment or free WiFi access. The kind of added value that makes us much more than a simple fuel retailer."

As part of a multi-support campaign in France, the film will be adapted for TV, cinema, digital and POS billboards. Then broadcast in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia and then - who knows - even farther away than that…

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