Hello, we are BETC !

Hello, we are BETC !

A global agency from Greater Paris. We gather strong talent from everywhere, produce great work and build cool brands.

BETC, the leading French advertising agency systematically ranked among the most creative agencies in the world, renews the relationship between brands and creation. Through desire, curiosity and commitment, BETC creates new synergies and produces its own content in the fields of music, film, publishing and design.

Magasins Généraux is a cultural centre founded in 2017 by BETC. Through unprecedented types of brand partnerships, Magasins généraux develops new cultural content, without being limited by shape or form: gatherings, exhibitions, artist and chef residencies, publishing, podcasts... Through these projects, Magasins généraux aims to question the future of subjects agitating the contemporary world. Les Magasins Généraux is a breakthrough destination that is part of the booming cultural, social and economic ecosystem of the future Greater Paris.

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