Get in touch with your first emotions

Get in touch with your first emotions


It’s not often that we have the occasion to reminisce (and shudder) about the first time our hearts skipped a beat. This campaign is one of those occasions.

To be a child is to learn and to experiment. We learn when there are rules, methods, and principles; we experiment when these run out. We learn how the world works in theory and then instinctively explore it, along with our fellow inhabitants. We make friends first, and then very quickly, some become more important than others. Why? No one really knows.

These instincts manifest in small and varied ways: glances, written notes passed back and forth, and before you know it your heart is racing, and someone special is occupying all of your thoughts. You start stringing together crazy plans to be noticed, to emerge from the crowd, planning that perfect moment and then just going for it.  

The success or failure of these bold undertakings often depends on the uncertain- timing, context, luck, risk. Whatever the outcome, we gain experience and gradually shape our relationships with one another. And the best part: overall, we’re doing alright. Sometimes, by nothing short of a miracle.

This new campaign from Monoprix tells ​​the story of a small miracle - as there are plenty to be found a bit everywhere, every day.

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