An extraordinary car comes with extraordinary sensations...and an extraordinary dog!

Adaptation - that's the beauty of nature. If you're a boxer or a rugby player, your body gets tougher to handle all the hard knocks. If you're a dancer or a tennis player, chances are you've developed calves and forearms to match. A swimmer or a basketball player? It's no surprise if you have bigger shoulders than a cross-country runner.

In the animal kingdom, it's the same thing. A giraffe needs its long neck to reach the leaves on a tree's crown, and a zebra's stripes protect it from the Tsetse fly's sting. But what, we might ask, could induce a dog to grow over-sized chops?

In a word: speed. The faster you go, the more air blasts through his chops, and the bigger the chops, the greater the pleasure.

Needless to say, no animal was mistreated in the making of this film, which was produced by WIZZ in partnership with AKAMA, one of the most uncompromising animation studios in France.

Let the chops fly!

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