A small step for man, a giant brawl for Humankind: BETC rewrites history with Sega for the launch of the "Humankind" video game.

For the launch of the new Humankind video from SEGA, BETC unveils a lunar film that revisits space exploration and the first steps on the moon ... Warning, the film might surprise you.

A small step for man but a giant step for Humankind with a launch film that disrupts the universe of video game trailers.

For the launch of this new title, the official trailer created by BETC and directed by Edouard Salier (WANDA) takes us all the way to the moon and creates a battle, as epic and surprising as it gets. A reinterpretation of the Blue Danube adds to the film a classic music theme. 

Developed by the French video game studio Amplitude and published by SEGA, Humankind is a strategy video game where the player starts the adventure in the Stone Age and has to lead its people through different periods of time. At each big milestone of History, the player will be able to choose to mix her own civilization with another one and create a brand new culture.

The Trailer to the Moon follows the Lucy trailer that was released in December 2020 for the official announcement of the video game. 

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